About StreetCapital

StreetCapital is a privately owned, cutting edge investment banking firm concentrating on providing unique and creative financial solutions to promising public and private companies.
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Investment Banking

StreetCapital has specialized in funding small and micro-cap companies since 1995, and as HPC Capital Management & Westminster/Hudson, we've consistently ranked one of the most active investment banks in terms of most PIPE transactions completed since 2003. In the last 5 years, StreetCapital has raised capital and advised for public Health Care, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Gaming, Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Resource companies. The firm has expertise in product structuring for Preferred Equity, Convertible Debt Financing, Registered Directs, IPOS, Secondary Offerings, and PIPES.

Empowering Success

We often find that smaller promising companies have more on their plates than they can handle alone. Founding entrepreneurs can be strong in one discipline, yet need others to complement them where weak or too busy to be effective. See how we can help